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Take part in the Yachts du Coeur, do something positive for people !

"The world needs "HOPE" above all else & the superyachts industry helps in that matter with the Yachts du Coeur!" Sponsored by the city of Cannes & the Chamber of Commerce and industry, Eco-Mer organizes les Yachts du Coeur since 2010.

Sea Horses at the April 2016 Yachts du Coeur
Sea Horses at the April 2016 Yachts du Coeur


Dolphins visit at the 10 10 2015 Yachts du Coeur
Dolphins visit at the 10 10 2015 Yachts du Coeur

During the October 2015 Yachts du Coeur, we had the visit of Dolphins who played around our event in the sea. This time, on 23 april 2016, we had the visit of two lovely horses from the mounted police. They are our new seahorses mascots now !

The 15th Yachts du Coeur took place in the  Vieux Port de Cannes on the 23rd of April 2016 at 11am. We have now reached the grand total of 20 tons of food collected since 2010, hence the equivalent of 40000 meals provided to those in need locally via the Food Bank 06. Thank you all for your participation to this effort of cohesion and solidarity !


Do Something Positive for People & the Environment. Give food surpluses from Yachts to the Poor. Help the YACHTS DU COEUR. We give food to Food Banks.

The YACHTS DU COEUR fights hunger and protects the environment by supporting and strengthening Food Banks. Since 2010, we’ve now collected 20 tons of food from superyachts’ seafarers and all sea corporations in and around Cannes, on the French Riviera. The equivalent of 40000 meals were collected and handed out to Food Banks who re-distributed it to 105 specialized associations to feed over 30000 people locally. That’s around 200000€ of food at 5€ per meal that did not go to landfill !

IMG_1780Food banking has two interrelated virtues: it feeds people in need and helps protect our environment our land, our sea, our sky.

Approximately one-third of all food produced for human consumption is thrown away. That’s 1.3 billion tons of food each year that could be used to feed people in need.

There are many reasons that this happens including over stocking, over-production, failure to harvest, post-harvest losses, French Riviera Food Bankmarketing and other business decisions among many others. Food banks need this nutritious, perfectly edible food that is unsalable for one reason or another, to distribute it to - specialized association that re-distribute it on the ground, to feed people in need.

Without this intervention, much of this food – from Superyachts, retailers, manufacturers, restaurants, hotels and other sources – would end up in landfills. Food discarded in landfills produce methane gas, a greenhouse gas with over 20 times the heat-trapping capacity of carbon dioxide. Greenhouse gas damages our water supply, land, air …and ultimately harms this and future generations.

Here’s how you can help us :

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  • Arrange for Super Yachts to give food to the Yachts du Coeur or donate money. Contact-us
  • Spread the message - tell your friends/colleagues on yachts about Yacht du Coeur and 'how' they can get involved and help


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